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Read on the Web: “Vanish” by Libby Cudmore

Here’s another delightful read. It’s a bit of micro-fiction by Libby Cudmore titled “Vanish.” You can find it online (although a bit hard to read) or you can subscribe to The Postcard Press (how cool is it to get short fiction and poetry on postcards that you can stick on your fridge!)


Upcoming Publication: Short, Fast and Deadly

I found out a few days ago that my flash fiction piece, “All You Need is Words” will be published in issue 90 of Short, Fast and Deadly.  Issue 90 is a themed issue:”Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Words Club.” Short, Fast and Deadly publishes very short flash fiction, up to 420 characters in length. Since that’s so very short, I won’t be posting a snippet of my story here. You’ll have to go to their site to read it once the issue is published. Luckily for you, it’s free and won’t take long to read. In fact, this blog post is longer than the story.