An Introduction

by Shannon

This blog will be my public place to discuss the writing aspects of my life. I can’t promise that I will blog often, as I’d rather be writing stories than writing about writing. However, I’ll announce when one of my stories will be published, and if I ever feel the need to rant about writing, entertain you with typos or puns involving typos, or simply procrastinate the actual act of writing fiction, I may come here for a spell.

I may also sometimes write a bit about what I’m reading.  All writers should be readers first and foremost, in my opinion.

What do I write? I write stories. I don’t concern myself much with genre or lack thereof. I sometimes write straight “literary” stories, but more often I lean towards the fantastical, the unusual.

I won’t post my work in full, but I may post snippets of stories that have been published (or are about to be) before I send you on your way to read more.